As we learn to quiet the mind, we begin to hear the whisperings of our Spirit. When we listen and then act upon the guidance that is revealed to us, we experience the wisdom and healing power of our connection with the Divine.

Awaken your body's innate healing power & access your inner wisdom.

Jennifer "Tashiawna" Vause
Intuitive Energetic Healer & Reiki Master

"Gentle, yet powerfully effective hands-on healing."

Jennifer's healing practice is founded on the belief that the body contains an innate wisdom to heal itself and that the answers to all life challenges lie within. Each session is a customized combination of therapies and modalities intuitively selected to best suit her client's individual needs. She offers private in-person healing sessions, as well as long-distance healing sessions. Her office is located in San Diego, California.

Jennifer uses gentle, energy-based hands-on healing modalities to help clear, energize and balance the client's energy field which promotes healing on all levels of Being---body, mind, emotions and Spirit. She assists her clients in their healing journey by helping them cultivate an awareness of thought patterns and beliefs, relevant to their situation, that might not be serving them. She facilitates the anchoring of new thought patterns and beliefs that will support the healing outcome her client desires. Jennifer shares tools and techniques to supportively empower her clients in their own transformational healing process. She provides a safe, supportive environment for them to focus on embracing healing and life affirming perspectives.

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